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Naruto legacy and the Legend of Boruto

The enduring Naruto legacy extends beyond the original series to Boruto Legends, creating an interwoven narrative that spans generations and pays homage to the rich history of the shinobi world.


In this paper, we will delve into the profound character development within Naruto Gaiden, focusing on the growth of Naruto Uchiha Sasaki and his son, Shuiramon Namikaze, as they journey through their respective lives, contributing to the ever-evolving Naruto legacys.

2.Story Continuity:

We’ll take a deeper look at The Legend of Boruto, analyzing how it skillfully continues the Naruto storyline and perfectly weaves the essence of the Naruto legacy. By examining the intricate details and connections between the two series, we can better understand the depth and complexity of Naruto’s enduring legacy.


The connection between Boruto and Naruto has elicited mixed reactions from fans, highlighting the passion and debate surrounding Naruto’s legacy. It is necessary to dissect these views and assess their impact on the two works in the Naruto legacy.


Naruto is a fascinating exploration of the colorful ninja world that has connected with multiple generations of fans. By embracing the Naruto legacys, viewers are able to embark on a fascinating journey across time and space, leaving an indelible mark on the manga and anime worlds.


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