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Naruto Characters with Viewer-Given Nicknames

Naruto is a wide-ranging anime series that introduces a multitude of Naruto characters that leave a lasting impact on viewers. Among these powerful and skillful ninjas, fans often affectionately nickname certain characters. Have you ever wondered about the nicknames that viewers have given to characters in Naruto? Let’s explore these familiar nicknames, like uncovering hidden surprises behind each door of an anime advent calendar.


Sasuke Uchiha’s nickname “Twin Jumbo” stems from his role as the second male protagonist in Naruto. As the number two in his family, Sasuke’s debut exudes a distinct duality that captures the essence of two rebellious teenagers navigating their way through life. The moniker perfectly encapsulates the character’s unique position and initial aura.



Hatake Kakashi is known as “Five by Five” and is one of the most powerful Naruto characters. The title stems from Kakashi’s remarkable ability to engage opponents of varying strengths, often with balanced results. Whether he is facing an opponent of equal strength or an enemy significantly stronger than himself, Kakashi’s strategic ability and ninja skills allow him to endure and even stabilize his position, thus earning him the title “50/50”.


3.Uncle Snake/Aunt Snake

Orochimaru, a mysterious figure skilled in bio-engineering and forbidden arts, acquires the endearing nicknames “Uncle Snake” in Naruto and “Aunt Snake” in Boruto. As one of Konoha Village’s three ninjas, Orochimaru’s ability to change bodies and transcend gender boundaries adds an intriguing layer to the character. The enigma surrounding Orochimaru’s gender, especially in Boruto, fuels the choice of “Uncle Snake” and “Aunt Snake,” emphasizing the perpetual mystery that shrouds this character throughout the Naruto series.

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